What is it?

Repositories are virtual platforms with free access aimed at the management of scientific information. The UFPA Multimedia offers the scientific production developed by the Federal University of Pará in multimedia languages (video, audio, photograph, animation etc).

How was it created?

In 2010, the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) started the “Institutionalization of the Information and Communication Technologies at the UFPA” project through the edict of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (CAPES)), aimed at the fomentation of the use of the ICTs in the graduation courses at the Higher Education Brazilian Institutions..

Among the five actions approved by the UFPA in the edict, there is the “Implementation of multimedia virtual platform for teaching and learning in graduation” subproject, which has the goal of developing a repository with contents in multimedia languages under the Advisement of Distance Learning (AEDI) – instance that has been strategic in the democratization of the higher education in Northern Brazil.

What is the goal?

The proposal is to gather and increase the efforts, even the isolated ones, made by the UFPA academic community and by other related institutions about the use of the ICTs in order to strengthen the graduation teaching both in presencial and distance learning ways.

Besides, the repository is also expected to be integrated in the UFPA research routine, promoting the recovery of the scientific information satisfactorily and facilitating the general public access to the available contents in different parts of the Amazon region and all over the world. The ideia is that this platform becomes a space for the science-society dialogue, allowing different publics perform their own construction of knowledge process.

What does the repository offer?

On the UFPA Multimedia, you first find contents divided into the following communicational languages:

  • Animation/Simulation
  • Audio
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  • eBook
  • Games
  • Illustration/Infographic
  • Photograph
  • Video

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